Installing Android Apps on Your Smartphone from PlayStore

Google Play Store is one of the biggest and finest app stores for Android market. The app store is very famous among all the Android users. It is used by millions of users across the globe downloading various apps, games, music, etc. for free. The app store comprises of both paid and free apps. Every day millions of users use Play Store to download apps and games. Though there are many other play stores, Google’s Play Store stood out among all these. Now and then the Play store gets updated with new and latest apps and games that come into the market.

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Almost every Android device nowadays come with Google Play Store pre-installed. It is the primary source to download apps and games for all the Android devices. Just like Apple Store for iOS devices, Google Play Store is one for Android devices. The app store also offers updates on the apps and games. Users can just tap on the Update label to update the game/app on their Android device. It is easy enough to uninstall the unwanted game/app too. There will be an option available called ‘uninstall’ and by clicking it the game/app gets uninstalled.

Google Playstore to Download Android Apps

Google Play Store has great craze among the Android users, and it provides lots of compatible apps and games to its users. To use Google Play store on an Android device, the Android device needs to be registered with Google Play in the first place. Most of the Android devices lately are coming with Play Store installed. In clicking the Play Store on your Android device, the store will be opened where you can witness the apps and games, music, movies, books, etc. You can check out the top charts, categories, family, Editor’s choice, and early access.

The early access label will direct you to a page where you can see games and apps that are not released and are under development. The user can also see recommended apps, just released apps, trending apps and games, social apps, new updates, favorite apps, and games, etc. It is very easy to install the apps and games into your device. The downloading time totally depends on the network speed of the user. It is better to use a Wi-fi connection to download the app instead of mobile network as it will take less time to do it that way.

How to Install Apps on Android device from Play Store?

  1. The downloading and installation of the app is quite easy. Just start by picking the app/game you want to download and install into your Android device first.
  2. Click the app, and you will see ‘Install’ in green label.
  3. Click on install and accept all the permissions which will download the app into your device.
  4. The app gets downloaded into your device and will also be installed on your device.
  5. You can start using the app/game that you have installed.

In this way you can install Android Apps on your Smartphone easily.

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