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Spotify РBest Music streaming service review and ratings: Spotify is said to be the best music streaming Service app which is getting better and better day after day. Spotify App was termed to be the best music app already, and now with the recent updates, it has become the came of age. The new updates include the new and terrific features, ways to explore music in brilliant options. The app has been rated in depth under different aspects and is one of the finest running apps that serve are up as a playlist based on intensity. The music app comes with a catalog of nearly 30 million songs, and the user can stream the music using the Wi-Fi connectivity in order to get the full range music ecosystem in a portable way that can be easily carried along anywhere you go.

spotify review

Spotify is a cleanly designed app that goes beyond the streaming music and allows the user to the podcast and enjoys extra additional features with possession of millions of songs collection that can set your music mood. There is no time limit imposed, and the services can be enjoyed anytime you want to. Spotify is sustained to be on the top list of streaming music though flooded with heavy competition. On over all bases, the app is rated at 8.5/10.

Spotify review and rating in depth:

  • Design 5/5
  • Features 4.5/5
  • Usability 5/5
  • Performance 5/5
  • Value 4.5/5

Pros and cons of Spotify:


  • Stunning new look
  • Listen to music anytime
  • Packed with great features
  • Allows 320kbps streaming


  • The web player can be hefty to carry
  • Poor search

Spotify streaming quality:

The sound quality of the app is excellent. The streaming quality is also great when connected to a data signal or Wi-Fi. If the connectivity of data signal or Wi-Fi is very strong, then the songs chosen to download will hardly take few seconds of time and operates quickly. The best part is that the songs can be repeated to play even if the network connectivity is lost. The sound streaming can also be increased from 96kbps to high 160kbps or extreme 320kbps if you have a strong internet coaction within the range. The users have to make the note that the absolute level of 320 kbps will be available to only the Premium subscribers and not to all.

Spotify – search the music:

There are several ways offered for the users to search the music in Spotify app which has a collection of about 30 million plus songs. The latest version has the menu that allows jumping around to various sections if the app under different media which is just wonderful.

To conclude, the Spotify app is still rated to be the best music streaming app though flooded with competition. Several new additions make the app more appealing and user-friendly. The app is reviewed to be the best app and is still at the top of the running race.

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