What is a Showbox Movie Application?

Have you come across the name Showbox or something similar?

Would you like to know what that means?

Yeah. I would probably explain it. Showbox is an Application that primarily hosts various movies (most of them are latest) online, and people who have this Showbox App can watch them instantly on their mobile devices. This Showbox Application supports both Android (APK file) and iOS (ipa file).

showbox app download

Stop there. Don’t rush to Playstore or AppStore to download Showbox App right away. You won’t get it of course.

Why? Why?

Because it was removed from both the stores due to some copyrights. As they give you access to watch very latest movies online, they are breaking some copyrights there. So, because of this reason both the large stores banned Showbox from their repository.

How do you get Showbox Application for Android and iPhone?

There is a way of course. From searching the whole internet, I have found a right place where you can download Showbox APK for Android directly along with a tutorial on how to install the same on your Android Smartphone. I followed their steps, and I’m now watching movies on my Android Smartphone without having any problem.

What if you have an iPhone? Can you still download Showbox for iPhone?

Why not. If this is your question, then the same website have a bunch of tutorials and videos on the same showing you the procedure to install Showbox on iPhone or any iOS device like iPod, iPad, etc. You just go and check the website. You will get to know what I’m saying.

At first, I too became too skeptical whether to implement the steps mentioned at showboxappiphone.com blog. With a doubt, I followed their tutorial, and it hardly took 4 minutes I guess to replicate the method. Boom!! I got the Moviebox app on my Smartphone. Maybe you should give a try.

If you get any error message while installing Showbox on iPhone or Android, just let the team know. They will follow up with you until the error gets resolved. I’m happy with their service. Just give a try!!

Here is a short video showing you how you can get Showbox for iPhone without Jailbreaking the iOS device. Cool.

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