How Do You Cancel an Order on Zomato?

Are you willing to cancel an order on Zomato that you placed by mistake? If so, you are at the right place to know more about it. I myself use this method if I selected the wrong delivery address. But you should act quickly to avoid unnecessary charges. Here in this how to guide, we’ll cover all the necessary steps that you should follow to cancel your order on Zomato with no extra charges possible.

Zomato is an internet-based food delivery platform that connects restaurants and customers through an app. Customers can place food orders from different ranges of restaurants by sitting at their home. Every month it caters to over 10 million customers in more than 24 countries. Also, the Zomato App provides ease to their customers to track their orders in real-time, play online and collect rewards for their loyalty.

The company was incorporated in the year 2008 and is headquartered in Gurgaon, India. Recent stats says that there is a significant growth in its user base in recent years because of the trust and it has become a top online food delivery service app in the world.

How to Cancel an Order on Zomato

Cancelling an order on Zomato is relatively simple and straightforward. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Zomato account on your Smartphone.
  2. Go to the “My Orders” section and select the order you want to cancel.
  3. Tap on the “Get help & support” at the bottom of the page..
  4. Chat with the assistance to cancel an order on Zomato.
How to Cancel an Order on Zomato
How to Cancel an Order on Zomato?

After you finish doing the above mentioned steps, your Zomato order will be cancelled immediately and you get a notification about the same on your application order screen. Please note that, you can only place a request for order cancellation prior to its processing by the restaurant to avoid food wastage. If you failed to do so, you are liable to pay the cancellation fee levied by the restaurant.

Within a few days, the refunded amount will be credited back to the original source or your Zomato wallet, depending on the payment method you used when paying for the food order. You can anytime contact the Zomato customer service department if you encounter any problems while cancelling a Zomato order.

How to Contact Zomato Customer Care?

If you have any further queries regarding your order like food quality issues or spillage issues, you can reach the support anytime within the app itself. Here are the instructions to reach the assistant.

  1. Sign-in to the Zomato App and move to “Profile.”
  2. Choose “Your Orders” and pick the order that you would like to report.
  3. Scroll down and find “Need help with your order.”
  4. Tap on “Get support” and tell the AI assistant about the problem.
  5. The issue will be sorted in no time.

Now I guess you know how to cancel an order on Zomato. Do these steps at your end and take advantage of having no cancellation charges.

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