How to Check Canara Bank Balance?

Canara Bank is one of India’s leading public sector banks compared to SBI Bank, with a rich legacy spanning over a century. Founded in 1906, the bank has become a trusted name in the country’s financial sector, offering millions of customers a comprehensive range of financial products and services. If you are a Canara Bank customer, keeping track of your account bank balance regularly is essential. By doing so, you can ensure that you have enough funds to meet your day-to-day expenses, make timely repayments of loans, and plan your savings and investments wisely.

But keeping track of your bank balance is more than just financial management – it’s also a crucial step towards achieving your goals and aspirations. A healthy bank balance can give you the confidence and financial stability to pursue your dreams, whether starting a business, buying a home, or traveling the world. Now let’s look at the importance of knowing your bank balance in different methods and how Canara Bank can help you achieve your financial goals.

Canara Bank Missed Call Balance Check

Are you a Canara Bank customer? 

Keep up with your finances quickly and conveniently with the Balance Check Number. This unique phone number allows customers to access their bank account balances without needing internet banking or visiting a branch – give the provided number a missed call, and an SMS with the details will be sent immediately.

canara bank balance check

Registering for the Balance Check Number is easy – visit the nearest Canara Bank branch and register your mobile number. With this service, you’ll be able to keep up with your finances anytime from anywhere so that there are no surprises or overdue payments.

How to Check Canara Bank Balance through SMS

Canara Bank has made it easy to know your account balance through SMS. All you need to do is register for Canara Bank’s Mobile Banking Service and then use the simple steps mentioned below to get an update on your bank balance.

  1. Visit your nearest Canara Bank branch with a valid identity, address proof, and other supporting documents (if required).
  2. Receive a unique number after the successful registration process.
  3. Check for an SMS containing instructions on how to avail of the service.
  4. Send an SMS from your registered mobile number in the format CBAL <USERID> <MPIN> to 5607060.
  5. Receive the balance details of your account via SMS message instantly.
  6. Enjoy banking on the go with minimal time and effort!

Canara Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Canara Bank, one of the leading banks in India, understands the importance of staying connected with its customers. They have established toll-free balance inquiry numbers for account holders in India to make banking more convenient. Customers can quickly obtain their account balance information at no cost by dialing 1800-425-0018, 1800 3011 3333, 1800 103 0018, or 1800 208 3333.

For account holders outside India, Canara Bank has a dedicated phone number, +91-80-22064232, that operates 24/7 except on national holidays such as the 15th of August, the 2nd of October, and the 26th of January. Don’t hesitate to call Canara Bank’s dedicated numbers for immediate assistance, especially in emergencies.

Check Canara Bank Balance Online

Checking your bank balance no longer requires a trip to the teller or an ATM. With Canara Bank’s net banking services, you can access your account and check your balance online in just a few simple steps. Not only is it convenient, but net banking also allows you to view recent transactions and transfer funds securely from one account to another with just a few clicks of the mouse. 


  1. Log in to the official Canara Bank website and click ‘Net Banking‘ under the ‘Services‘ tab.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password, which Canara Bank will provide after registration for Net Banking services.
  3. Once logged in, click on the ‘Account Summary‘ option at the top right corner of the page. All details related to accounts linked with Net Banking will appear along with their respective balances shown separately for each account type like savings/current, etc.
  4. Select any particular Account Number and get detailed information about its transactions, including credit/debit entries, payment of bills, etc., if required; or check the current balance against that specific account number as per requirement 
  5. Finally, log out safely by clicking on the ‘Logout‘ link at the webpage’s top right corner.

Following these simple steps, customers can quickly check their account balances online and manage their finances conveniently.

Canara Bank makes it easy for customers to stay on top of their account balances, allowing them to manage their finances responsibly. With convenient options such as SMS, toll-free number, or net banking services, customers can quickly and securely check their accounts anytime. Keeping track of your bank balance is essential to staying within your budget, and Canara Bank makes it simple for customers to stay informed about their financial situation. Stay calm; utilize these convenient services to ensure you’re always in the know!

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