How to Delete Your PhonePe Account?

Are you looking to delete your PhonePe account permanently in 2023? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I will be walking you through the steps to delete PhonePe account and the things you should do with your PhonePe account before you deactivate it.

Launched by Flipkart in 2016, PhonePe is a digital wallet and payments system based on India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Offering many handy features, it is one of the country’s biggest digital payment systems, with over 350 million customers and processing more than 2 billion transactions every month. It achieved a record of 100 million transactions in a single day.

PhonePe provides a flexible way to transfer funds to people you know, pay for items at merchant stores by scanning the QR code, pay utility bills like electricity, water etc, top-up your phone, and book movie tickets. Also, it can be used to purchase items on many online shopping platforms like Amazon, Myntra etc.

What You Can Do with a PhonePe account?

Your PhonePe account is a key to the digital world, providing you with access to a variety of services and features that you can use at your convenience. With the help of this application you can transfer funds to self or other people’s accounts, pay bills and recharge your mobile phone, as well as shop online/offline with it. When you make an online purchase, it is possible to pay directly with the PhonePe app without using debit card or Internet banking details. You can enjoy discounted prices and cashback rewards when you shop online with your PhonePe account.

how to delete phonepe account permanently
Deactivating my PhonePe account

Apart from the above mentioned features, the PhonePe app can also be used to manage your finances, tracking expenses, setting budgets, and saving money like investing in mutual funds and buying insurance policies.

Reasons to Delete PhonePe Account

If PhonePe has been your first choice for making payments digitally from a smartphone, you may have come across a time when you have to delete a PhonePe account. This could be because of various reasons like privacy concerns, security, or not using the service anymore. Irrespective of the cause, here are a few reasons why you might need to delete PhonePe account permanently.

Reason 1: Privacy

If you want to protect your privacy, deleting your PhonePe account is a great option. All of your personal details, such as your contact number, email, address and banking info, will be deleted from their database after the deactivation request. This will ensure that no one can misuse your private data using PhonePe service.

Reason 2: Security

If you are concerned about the security of your PhonePe account, then requesting to delete PhonePe account is a smart move. Taking into account the increasing number of online frauds, it’s important to ensure that your financial details are secure. Deleting your PhonePe account might help you safeguard your finances from the spammers.

Reason 3: Not using it anymore

If you are not taking any advantage of PhonePe features anymore, it is fine to delete the account or the  app. Keeping the application on your smartphone when it is not being used is not a good thing. A better option would be to delete the whole account and free up the space on your device. 

Reason 4: Multiple Accounts

You can request for account deletion when you have more than one account with PhonePe. 

Steps to Delete PhonePe Account Permanently

If you are sure you want to delete your PhonePe account, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Log in to the PhonePe app

The first step is to log in to the PhonePe application. Once you have logged in with Phone number and OTP, you will be taken to the user dashboard.

Step 2: Sell the assets

You have to sell your assets like Gold or Silver (if you hold or purchased already) and convert them to cash. To do that, go to the ‘Investments’ tab then look for Gold/Silver. If you have the holdings, sell them. After that, withdraw the wallet amount to your bank before requesting to delete the PhonePe account permanently. You can’t retrieve any information later if the account is scheduled for deletion.

Step 3: Delete all your saved cards/Bank/UPI accounts

To delete the added bank accounts, go to ‘Profile’ then expand the Payment Methods. Choose the bank accounts individually then opt to ‘Unlink Bank Account’ which is at the bottom of the page.

Once you are done with the above mentioned 3 steps, proceed to start with the PhonePe account deletion process.

How to Request PhonePe to Delete Your Account?

Here are the steps to contact the PhonePe customer support to authenticate yourself to deactivate an account.

  1. When you are on the homepage dashboard, tap on ‘Help ?’ symbol at the top corner.
  2. Choose ‘Profile’ then ‘My PhonePe Profile’ then ‘My PhonePe account details.’
  3. Here select ‘Permanently deleting my PhonePe account.’
  4. From the list of 4 reasons, choose any first 3 options then select ‘Deactivate PhonePe Account.’

At this step, you will be asked a few simple automated questions where you need to answer them to deactivate your own PhonePe account. Once you are done, your request will be forwarded to the concerned department and the turnaround time would be around 3 days.

I trust this guide was useful for you in figuring out how to delete your PhonePe account. By any chance if you have any inquiries, kindly leave a comment below and I will be glad to assist you in this topic. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and delete PhonePe account now if you have the above mentioned concerns.

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