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Are you an education officer, teacher or student in Haryana looking for a single platform to access all the technology systems? Look no further – Saksham Haryana Education MIS Portal is here!

Saksham Haryana is an initiative by the Department of School Education (DSE) in Haryana that provides a single platform to access all the technology systems like Management Information System (MIS), Academic Monitoring System and Student Assessment Test Portal & Dashboard. It is an amazing platform that enables users to use a single login to access all the systems. 

The best part about Saksham Haryana Education MIS Portal is that it was designed to make the process of accessing latest technology much simpler and more efficient. Not only does it save on time and resources, but it also ensures that all the systems are secure and safe. This portal is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate.

Features of DSE Haryana MIS Portal

The Saksham Haryana MIS Portal is the perfect platform for anyone interested in knowing more about the educational system in the state. With a wide range of statistics and reports from both government and private schools, you can get an inside look at how these schools are performing. The portal also offers admission and enrollment details to help you figure out the best school for your child.

Not only that, but the portal also contains instructions for applying online directly to the schools. With separate login pages for schools, employees, applicants and admins, the portal is a great resource for anyone looking to get involved in the education system in the state of Haryana. The functioning of the website sounds similar to EduDel Student Module.

Saksham Haryana Education DSE MIS Portal

MIS Login – Saksham Haryana Education Portal

Saksham Haryana MIS Login is the gateway to get access to the Government of Haryana, School Management Information System. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features, the Haryana DSE MIS Login can provide you with everything you need to stay organized.

  1. First, visit the website at and choose the relevant category from the three sections displayed on the homepage. 
  2. Whether you’re a school student or employee, an online applicant, or an administrator, the login procedure is almost the same, making it easy for you to access the web portal.
  3. Once you’ve selected the right option, enter your unique username and password in the required fields to log in.

However, in case you forget your password, there is no need to worry. 

Forgot MIS Portal Password?

The Haryana DSE MIS Login has a simple 3-step process to help you retrieve the password back.

  1. First, enter your username. 
  2. Then, enter the OTP (One Time Password) that you receive on your registered mobile number or email ID. 
  3. Now generate a new strong password to resume your work at

To sum up, Saksham Haryana Education Portal is a commendable initiative by the DSE – Department of School Education in the state of Haryana. The user-friendly interface makes it an excellent resource for schools, employees, applicants, and administrators. Additionally, the MIS login system is simple and easy to use, with options for password retrieval in case of forgotten login details. Overall, the Saksham Haryana MIS Portal is an efficient tool that can improve the educational system’s management and performance in Haryana.

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