What is the GSC Number in Nadakacheri?

GSC stands for Guarantee Of Services To Citizens. The GSC number in Nadakacheri is a unique number assigned to each individual when they apply for any 1122 notified services under 101 departments or institutions listed in Sakala Service Compendium. This GSC number is issued by the Nadakacheri department, which is part of the Department of e-Governance, Government of Karnataka.

This Sakala GSC number is used to get various services from the government departments like Transport (Learning/Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration), Commerce and Industries (Issue of IEM for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), Commercial Taxes (KVAT filing including ten other services), Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms, Bangalore Development Authority, Commissionerate of Public Instruction, Drug control, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (Transfer of Khatas), Karnataka Housing Board, KS Higher Education, Revenue (Caste & Income Certificate and 25 others) and finally Department of Information and Public Relations. In this blog, you will learn everything about the GSC in Nadakacheri, how to get a GSC no, its importance and how to use it.

What is the GSC Full Form?

Guarantee Of Services To Citizens is the full form of GSC. When an individual wishes to get a service from the government from any of the listed 1122 services in the Sakala service compendium, he/she will get an acknowledgement number referred to as GSC by the Nadakacheri portal. It is a 15-digit number provided on the receipt of the acknowledgement and sent to the registered mobile number as a text message.

Whenever an individual needs to retrieve the application’s current status, it can be easily retrieved from the provided 15-digit GSC number through sakala.kar.nic.in portal.

How to use the sakala.kar.nic.in website?

To carry out online functionalities smoothly, the Department of e-Governance, Karnataka, developed an online portal called Sakala with a unique slogan, ‘Today..Tomorrow..No more… Don’t miss the day’. It states that there won’t be any delay in any of the service that has to be carried through the government.

When a citizen registers their requirement through sakala.kar.nic.in, it must be completed on time with priority when a GSC number acknowledgement is provided. This website even listed the pending and completed cases.

People can avail of important services like applying for income certificates, ration cards, passport verification, and police verification, where they can track the progress by sitting at home. After knowing the outcome through the GSC number in Nadakacheri, they can proceed further by submitting the necessary documents.

How to check KGSC/FAP/SAP Status?

To check the status of Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens (KGSC), First Appeal Number (FAP), and Second Appeal Number (SAP), follow the steps

  • Visit sakala.kar.nic.in and come to the middle of the page.
  •  Find the section named ‘Status check for the service requested.’
  •  Enter the KGSC number or FAP/SAP number to know the current status of the application.
KGSC Status

How to Appeal in sakala.kar.nic.in?

When you know the status of your application through the GSC number in Nadakacheri, you can appeal the decision with the supporting documents. This is where you get your FAP number. With this, you can extract the status further.

To appeal in Sakala, follow these simple steps.

  • Visit sakala.kar.nic.in/Online_Appeal/Online/Appeal-I.aspx
  •  Enter the GSC number and tap on ‘View.’

There you see some basic details of the service request and the appeal information. The form includes GSC No, GSC date, name & address of the applicant, requested service, status, closed date, the reason for the rejection (if rejected), and designated office name.

The second section of the online document includes the appellant’s name & address, the appeal and the remarks. Citizens are provided to upload the necessary documents of the appeal order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get a GSC Number in Nadakacheri?

A: Avail of any Sakala services to get a GSC or KGSC number.

Q: What documents are required for a GSC Number in Nadakacheri?

A: GSC number is an acknowledgement number. Register for any of the services in a department and submit the requested documents. 

Sometimes, the citizens may face issues while using the GSC number in Nadakacheri. Some of the common issues are:

  • Incorrect information provided during registration
  •  Incomplete documents provided during the application
  •  Unclear documents provided during the application

How to contact Sakala?

The citizens can contact the Department for any queries or issues related to their GSC number. The contact details of the sakala.kar.nic.in are as follows:

  • Address: 607, 6th Floor, 2nd Gate, Multi-Storey Building, Ambedkar Street.
  • Call centre: 080-4455-4455
  • Email: sakala@nic.in

In conclusion, with the GSC number, users can easily track their service request. It is issued by the Nadakacheri department, which is part of the Department of e-Governance, Government of Karnataka. This GSC number is generated once you take any government service like an income certificate, passport verification, and ration card. The citizens must register with the sakala.kar.nic on the website to get a Guarantee Of Services To Citizens number. The importance of GSC no lies in its usage for various government services and for filing income tax returns and getting income certificates. In case of any queries or issues regarding the GSC number in Nadakacheri, the citizens can contact the Nadakacheri department.

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