ITBP PIS Monthly Salary Pay Slip from Himveer Connect

ITBP PIS: The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is one of India’s premier civil security forces and is responsible for the safety and security of India’s borders with Tibet and Nepal. ITBP personnel are provided with various facilities and benefits, including salaries, medical coverage and pension, to name a few. Besides, they are also entitled to avail the ITBP Personal Information System (PIS), which includes the details like monthly salary pay slip. This article will discuss how to view/download ITBP PIS Monthly Salary Pay Slip and how it can be accessed through the Himveer Connect portal.


The full form of PIS is Personal Information System. It is a web-based platform specially designed for ITBP personnel to monitor their salary pay slips. It is a unified system that offers ITBP personnel a secure and easy environment to manage their professional activities including their personal details like their salary slips every month. The ITBP Personal Information System is the first of its kind in India, and offers ITBP personnel the benefit of accessing their salary details and other particulars online. The officers of the Central Armed Forces (CAPFs) are called Himveers.

With the help of Himveer Connect portal, all the ITBP employees can check their essential information right at their finger tips after logging into their ITBP Police website. Officers can download or view the payslips of Indo-Tibetan Border Police PIS directly from The main features of Himveer Connect website are

  • View Annual or Monthly Pay Slip of a personnel
  • Track Leaves
  • Allowances and deductions
  • Edit contact details etc.,

This Electronic Personal Information System(ePIS) also helps ITBP personnel to track their salary over a period of time.

ITBP PIS Pay Slip Download from Himveer Connect
Download ITBP PIS Pay Slip from

What is Himveer Connect?

The ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) has created Himveer Connect, an online system to make it easier for their personnel to view and manage their salary information. This user-friendly platform gives ITBP personnel the ability to access ITBP PIS payslips electronically and manage their salary info with ease.

Download ITBP PIS Pay Slip

Each month, the pay slip is issued to ITBP personnel. This document contains the details like salary earned by the individual during that particular month, as well as any allowances or deductions made from the salary. The pay slip is an important document for ITBP personnel, as it helps them to ensure that they are being paid their due salary.

ITBP PIS Login Procedure

To fetch the required information from the secured server, each and every individual needs to have the login credentials of Assuming that you have the login info, follow the steps mentioned below to login into Himveer connect to download ITBP PIS Pay Slip.

  • To start with, go to the official website of Indo-Tibetan Border Police.
  • Navigate to ‘Menu’ then choose ‘Login.’
  • From the list of available options, tap on ‘Himveer Connect.’
  • Once the login page has loaded, enter the username, password, and security code in the allocated areas.
  • Hit the Login button to get the required month pay slip.
himveer connect
Login to HimveerConnect 6.0

From the user dashboard, one can access their salary payslip, view or edit the profile and can do a lot more.

How to Reset ITBP Login Password?

Sadly, there is no way online to reset the password of Indo-Tibetan Border Police PIS. If you seriously need to reset the password, first login to the ITBP portal then change the necessary details in there. If you forgot the login info, try contacting the IT department of to retrieve the login credentials as soon as possible.

All in all, the ITBP PIS Monthly Salary Pay Slip is an important piece of document for ITBP personnel, as it permits them to monitor their salary over a specific time period and to manage their salary deductions and allowances. The ITBP pay slip can be obtained electronically by means of the ePIS Himveer Connect portal.

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