TCS Ultimatix Login Authenticator App from Ux Apps

The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) created TCS Ultimatix Login, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) portal, to automate employee-related services such as salaries, timesheets, and human resources functions for the company. A firm with few employees can be independent of an ERP portal, but it is beneficial for organizations with many employees, like TCS, which has over 387,000+ workers.

TCS Ultimatix Login ( provides an efficient and scalable system for managing employee services and activities. It has a user-friendly interface, allowing staff to access and manage their profile quickly and effortlessly at their fingertips. Furthermore, it allows HR to keep track of their employees’ attendance and other vital details. TCS Ultimatix is an invaluable web tool for managing the requirements of a large company and guarantees that the organization runs efficiently.

What can you do with TCS Ultimatix Login?

The TCS Ultimatix is a one-stop web platform for staff members. It is a comprehensive portal that allows employees to track their work time, allotted annual leaves, and salary payslips all in one place. They can also get their colleagues’ data from the Ultimatix website if required. Here are the things that can be done with TCS Ultimatix.

The main advantage of the TCS Ultimatix cloud-based portal is the capability to submit timesheets and provide information about the job they did during the day. This enables their superiors to check the performance of an individual and verify that they are meeting their given deadlines on time. It also offers a leave management system, which enables managers to view and approve or reject leaves at their convenience.

Ultimatix TCS Login at

The TCS Ultimatix Login platform has the capability to know about other employees in the same organization. Like this project, they are working on the managers they report to, contact info, and more. Moreover, the portal allows employees to obtain all their salary slips and pertinent documents, such as job confirmation letters, joining letters, and appointment letters. This helps employees to monitor their salaries and records without difficulty. 

The good part I liked the most is that one can check for growth aspects available inside the organization. You can apply to them directly by logging into the TCS Ultimatix application. The salary hike and promotion information can be viewed in the performance section. It is possible to share thoughts with colleagues with an integrated social network, and it helps connect to the HR team easily with a TCS Ultimatix login. Managing Voluntary Provident Fund, PF, and required allowances with this ERP portal is a hit.

How to Install TCS Ultimatix Login Authenticator App?

Until now, we learned about the importance of the TCS Ultimatix Login portal. But to get into an employee’s dashboard to manage things, one needs to download and set up the TCS Ultimatix Authenticator App from Ux Apps. Let me show you how!

The first and foremost step is installing the TCS Ultimatix Authenticator App from Ux Apps. After having the app on your Smartphone, you can log in to the Ultimatix TCS ERP.

  • You should download the Enterprise App store called Ux Apps (
  • Enter your Ultimatix Login credentials, then accept the terms to download Ultimatix Authenticator App.
  • Open the app after installation, then login to Ux Apps with username and password.
  • Now search and download TCS Ultimatix Authenticator App from Ux Apps.

How to Setup TCS Ultimatix Authenticator App?

Once you have the application on your Smartphone, you should set it up for the first time to generate the authenticator code. This adds a layer of security to every account of a TCS employee.

  • Assuming that you have the app installed, open it to begin the setup process.
  • Open the app and log in with your Ultimatix username and password.
  • You need to set a four-digit PIN for future access to the application.
  • Now tap on ‘Generate code,’ open the portal on a desktop browser, and enter the same AuthCode to verify yourself.
  • Voila! You did it.

Unable to use AuthCode?

If you cannot use AuthCode, try the EasyAuth option. Download EasyAuth App from the Ux Apps store then choose the same option while logging into the login portal. You will be asked to choose a random number displayed on the screen. Open EasyAuth and choose the same number to authenticate yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are FAQs on TCS Ultimatix Login Procedure.

Q: What Should I do if my mobile is lost/stolen?

A: You should report it to the concerned department of TCS to avoid unauthorized access. Follow the on-screen instructions by entering Employee Number followed by Date of Joining.

Q: TCS Ultimatix Hard Token Lost/Stolen?

A: To avoid unauthorized access, you must report it as soon as possible.

Q: How do I get the Ultimatix Authenticator App?

A: You can easily download it from TCS’s Ux Apps store, which is the Enterprise App store.

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